Unleash Your Business Potential!

Our Services

A sustainable business growth requires a successful execution of a well defined strategy designed to build agility required into the organization to steer it thru the changing business landscape, technology disruption and consumer preferences.

A business enterprise, on a average, engages with 10-15 service providers for meeting their strategic, operational and technology needs. In addition to spending significant money & efforts in managing them, often they are not able to get the desired output/value because of gaps in Transmission, Transition and Translation (3Ts) of critical business information.

At Hithav, We provide end to end to services and solutions to overcome gaps in 3Ts and design your business growth! 


​Business Advisory
Our business advisors care for your aspirations and support you to unleash your business potential!

  • Start-up Modelling - Ideation to Revenue Generation
  • Market Research, Benchmarking and Feasibility Analysis
  • Business Modelling
  • Business Strategy and Roadmap
  • Business Forecasting and Plan

​Technology Enablement
We can help you to leverage Technology as a lever to reduce time-to-value and accelerate your business growth! 

  • Web Applications/Portals
  • Ecommerce
  • Digital Transformation
  • Cloud Transformation/Migrations
  • Custom Solution Development
  • Integrations

Our consultants can help you lay the foundation required to run your business operations efficiently and improve business performance and fuel growth!

  • Business Setup & Registration 
  • Business Operations 
  • Financial Management, Taxation and Accounting
  • Compliance, Risk Management, and Security
  • Resource Management and Payroll                          

​Venture Support

We can help you tap conventional and unconventional sources to grow your business to next level
  • Prepare for Your Business for venture Funding