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Why Hithav

Setting up a business is easy but running it as a profitable and sustainable enterprise is not. 

It requires, apart from capital, orchestration of various functions to direct your limited organizational resources to achieve the desired outcomes.  

Building a sustainable business enterprise is like cooking a delicious meal, which requires not only a perfect recipe but also the fine ingredients in the right portions and skills to transform them into palatable food for consumption.

With our rich business advisory & consulting experience, industry/domain knowledge, and technology expertise, we can help you define a perfect recipe with right ingredients to fuel your business growth and take it to the next level!

At Hithav, no matter what phase of business growth you are in, we have created a platform that can provide the strategic or tactical support and technology you need to take your business to the next level!

How We Can Support

Small & Medium Business (SMB)
Large Enterprises

Nurture the Entrepreneur inside You

Aspiring to Become an Entrepreneur is Easy but Becoming One is Tough.

Apart from passion and commitment, entrepreneurs to wear multiple hats switching between strategy, execution and tactical operations to set foot on the ground and stabilize business enterprise, where most of them fail. 

Studies found that most of the startup founders or small business entrepreneurs, due to limited resources or reach, often struggle to meet these unique demands and fail within 1-3 years of setting up the business. 

Setting up and running a business requires not just an innovative idea but all the resources, be it capital or assets or people, and managing them carefully to maneuver through the complexities of Ideation to a Revenue-generating enterprise.

At Hithav, we believe in becoming your strategic partner to support your aspirations and take your business to the next level!

Small & Medium Business (SMB)

Fuel Your Business Growth!

As a small business, you are at a critical phase, every step counts.

As you work towards taking your business from crawl to walk and successfully grow into a large business enterprise, the operational and technology requirements at this phase of your business growth is unique and different.

Studies found most of the small and medium businesses do not see life after 5 years of inception (i.e., do not survive). You need a trusted partner who can support you in embarking a digital journey to create a niche presence, differentiate yourself in the marketplace and compete against large enterprises.  

At Hithav, we believe in becoming your strategic partner to support your carefully navigate thru this critical phase of your business growth and take it to the next level!

Large Enterprises

Let's Make It Big!

Large enterprise has its own set of challenges ranging right from constantly scanning the changing business landscape, customer preferences to redefining its business strategies for maintaining its position in the market place to managing business operations effectively and efficiently to increase bottom line and stakeholder value.  A split second shift in the focus may significantly impact the very survival of the business. 

At Hithav, we believe in becoming your strategic partner to support you in defining your digital strategy, rolling out and managing business transformation programs/initiatives to sustain and take your business to the next level!

Our Services

Business Advisory

We care for your aspirations and support you to unleash your business potential!


Our consultants help you set the foundation required to run your business efficiently and improve business performance to fuel growth!

Technology Enablement

We can help you leverage technology as a lever to reduce time-to-value in running your business and accelerate business growth!

Venture Support

We can help you to tap convectional and unconventional sources to fuel growth and next phase of your business!

Success Stories

Every business is unique. We tailor our approach to suit your unique business requirements and preferences. We nurture our business relationships into a strong and lasting client relationships by consistently delivering value, understanding the unique perspective, fostering trust by providing strategic support in achieving business goals/objectives and grow business to next level! 

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